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The main International Shooting Sport Federation matches are the Rimfire (.22) Standard Pistol Match and the Rimfire and Centrefire Sports Pistol Match. Matches are shot at 25m and have two parts.

The first is a precision component and the second a turning target component where the targets are turned towards the shooter for a short fixed time and then turned away.


Service Pistol Match

The main Service Pistol Match shot at Kalamunda is the 25m Service Match. Pistols used for the Match are short barrelled centrfire revolvers, typically .38 or 357M calibre.

The Match requires shooters to fire a sequence of shots in various positions (lying, sitting, kneeling and standing) at different ranges (from 8 to 25m), shooting against the clock.


Air Pistol

Air pistol shooting provides a convenient entry point to the sport of shooting for many and is a wonderful training for live fire shooting.

Matches are shot in accord with the rules under WAPA/ISSF guidelines and consist of 60 shots for men and 60 shots for women, at targets set at 10m.



Action Match is a fast paced pistol discipline requiring the use of self-loading pistols or revolvers to shoot at various targets. It includes four firearms classes (Open, Open Modified, Metallic Sight and Production) and consists of four competition ‘stages’ or events. (Practical, Barricade, Moving Target, and Falling Plate)


The Kalamunda Pistol Club, Incorporated in March 1970, is an affiliate of the West Australian Pistol Association (WAPA) and Pistol Australia (PA).

Club ranges are located on Lawnbrook Road, Walliston. Shoots are held on a regular schedule with Sunday at 9am being the most popular time. Air Pistol matches also takes place on Tuesday evenings starting at 7.00pm.


Whilst the Club strictly adheres to WAPA Safety Rules, matches are shot in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. The Club owns a small number of .22 calibre Pistols, .177 calibre Air Pistols and a .38 revolver for use by prospective and new members. Use of Club Pistols should be booked in advance by contacting one of the Clubs, Approved Persons shown on the notice board in the club room.


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